August 16th 2003
i had my good friend Frank spend the night lastnight, he woke up at 10:00 i woke up at 9:00. I started my day wanting shrooms. i did them for the first time many weeks ago, i enjoyed them more then i way wanted to. My girlfriend made promis to never do them again, it may sounds like she is controlling me but infact she is very good for me. She told me not to take any more shrooms, not to eat the steak that had been left out for two days, or drink the milk that had been excpired for the past week. if it was not for her i would be half dead by now. we had huge plans to see eachother tomarrow, but just today she was put on restriction by her mother. we went out to indulg our selfs in the rich taste of crispitos, it was a long bus ride but the thought of a crispito made it all better. we arived at the store only to find out that the deep fryer was broken so there were no crispitos. I had to settle for a AM PM hamberger with meet as green as the pickles. I have seen the movie chicago over 30 times now and hope to see it tomarrow in the hopes that it will slightly take my mind off of not seeing my girlfriend. As much as we love to talk to each other our phone conversations have run a little dry. All we would ever talk about was sex,we have covered just about all we can talk about crypticly considering her mom can hear most of what she says inside the house. Even though we do not have much to say and about half of a three hour phone conversation is spent not talking but just making noises to show we are still there just that is good enough for the both of us. I have a horrible fear of spides, while playing halo a huge spider walked by me, i ran from the roombut Frank was nice enough to catch it, bring it out side, and kill it exacution stile. my ferret zoe was very lazy today but still managed to get her self stuck in a small bucket.