August 15th 2003 sunday...funkadelic Um...NO! it's gotta be friday
My life can be completely described by flcl. It's a good show, I think, somewhat hard to tell.

August 16th 2003 Saturday...I think
Woke up around ten (am), felt groggy. Zoe the ferret gut stuck in a small clear bucket and went crazy. I wish I could change into ferret form. My freind Jack made me take a long bus ride just to get these things called crispitos. Apparently they're tasty, but of course this place didn't have any. So as not to waste the trip I bought a 2-liter of that vanilla pepsi drink. Wasn't bad, and got better as it got flatter and warmer. Meanwhile back at Jack's house I found burrito fixins in his fridge. Hunting for food all day had made as hungry for something deepfried. No oil, no problem. We got butter to deepfrie our creations. Although tasty, burned cheese saturated in grease does not set well in large quantities.

August 17th 2003 sunday...50% sanity regained
Other 50%? Not sure. Never see The Dentist! That was the most disturbing movie I have ever seen...I mean that, I'm not just saying it. Jack fell asleep before anything happened, that lucky bastard. To all of you who have seen it, my condolensces. If you saw that movie and liked it, then I give you three years max before you murder all of your freinds, relatives, and condolensces. As a side note I didn't really watch all of it, too disturbing. My attempt to control the spiral of the moth's crawling pattern on the ceiling of the bus with my mind failed. I suppose I'll have to try harder if I want to learn to cloud minds. Minimal residue saturation from happiness reflex programming. 5:28pm The mafia really needs to stay out of my head. They can't go on using it as a pool hall. 10% sanity lost. Saladin! Where are you going with our great army? I've been up since 5:00am.

August 18th 2003 monday...that's it
Roxy compared flcl to a tuna melt with a chocolate peanutbutter shake dumped on it. I took this as a challenge and made two huge ones. Delicious, I actually found a way to make fish and icecream taste good together. Roxy hates lasagna, what a wackjob. She does like trigun though, so she's not all bad. I should go outside sometime this week, but then again I don't think that I have the will power. Those flcl melts were the first thing that I've eaten except for a bowl of Marshmellow Mateys in sour milk since I had those butter burritos, from which I'm still recovering. I wonder if all rabbits are inherently evil, or if it's just mine...pure evil, and it hops.

August 21th 2003 thursday...yes, that's three days from monday
I'm not sure what happened the days I didn't post, so it probably wasn't important, not like you actually care anyways, but sometimes I like to think that you might. I'm not sure why I put this whole thing up on the internet of all places. I'm too secretive to write anything when I know that no one will read itwOWI just lost my train of thought, I like tea too be sweet, sweet to the point where it no longer tastes like tea...because I hate tea.